My favourite stock in 2019 -VJC

My favorite stock these days is VJC – Vietjet Aviation JSC. The stock is qualified for both trading and investing purpose.

As I’ve shared in my previous post, I pick VJC because it qualifies my strategy:

And personally I love aviation business. Comparing other industries, the aviation industry of Vietnam is still young and things just start to boom.

About ten years ago in Vietnam, taking a flight to somewhere is considered as an expensive way for high end class only. Until 2009, Vietjet airline has appeared as the first low-cost airlines enter the market and completely change the way of people travel. From now on, everybody can take Vietjet easily like grab a taxi on the sky.  

Following my strategy, the information above is just enough to buy VJC at the right time. However I am actually in love with Vietjet, so I have done financial analysis myself base on its annual financial report for getting know Vietjet’s business well. I would like to share my analysis points in next post.

Now, the time to show off my trading performance with VJC 🙂

Date Buy VN-index Buy price Date Sell VN-index Sell price PL in $ equivalent
24 May 970.03 119.0 29 May 971.54 122.90 160$
30 May 969.34 123.00 15 July 972.53 130.00 491$
6 Aug 964.61 130.10 22 Aug 997.26 Current price:132.2 Not sell yet

Proof document

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