My favourite stock in 2019 -VJC

My favorite stock these days is VJC – Vietjet Aviation JSC. The stock is qualified for both trading and investing purpose.

As I’ve shared in my previous post, I pick VJC because it qualifies my strategy:

And personally I love aviation business. Comparing other industries, the aviation industry of Vietnam is still young and things just start to boom.

About ten year ago, taking a flight to somewhere for almost Vietnamese people is considered as an expensive way for high end class only. Until 2009, Vietjet airline has appeared as the first low-cost airlines enter the market and completely change the way of people travel. From now on, everybody can take Vietjet easily like grab a taxi on the sky.  

Following my strategy, the information above is just enough to buy VJC at the right time. However I am actually in love with Vietjet, so I have done financial analysis myself base on its annual financial report for getting know Vietjet’s business well. I would like to share my analysis point in next post.

Now, the time to show off my trading performance with VJC 🙂

Date VN-index Buy price Date VN-index Sell price PL in $ equivalent
24 May 970.03 119.0 29 May 971.54 122.90 160$
30 May 969.34 123.00 15 July 972.53 130.00 491$
6 Aug 964.61 130.10 22 Aug 997.26 Current price:132.2 Not sell yet

Proof document

When to buy – which to buy

Just a very short sharing about how I pick stocks to trade and when?


  1. I watch out stock index and its market cap till it drop under one year average to decide the right time to buy.


  1. Do research with those stocks which weighted for VN-30 index – The Index tracks the total performance of the top 30 large-cap, similar to  S&P500 index of US.
  2. Choose those stocks have high volume transaction, around 500,000 per day.
  3. Check for stocks have trend up during 6 months and eliminate those have trend down or neutral.
  4. Choose those have cash dividend is at least 15%, so if I stuck in loss I still can get 15% cash back for each financial year.
  5. Finally, check out my intuition if I love the business, the corporate or not.

It’s all my current strategy in trading (not investing) stock and it works for me.

My favorite site and its tools to do research:

  1. VN30 list:
  2. For checking market cap and index:
  3. All data for trend, volume, price, dividend etc.

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